Voitron Patient Monitor [Two Para]

Voitron Patient Monitor [Two Para]


Voitron Patient Monitor [Two Para] can continuously monitor patient’s NIBP (Non-invasive Blood Pressure) & SpO2 [Oxygen Saturation in blood] under any clinical environment. V-20 monitor not only provides real-time data of NIBP [measured at regular intervals] & SpO2 of patients but it can store these data which can be retrieved & reviewed at later stage for analysis purpose. A durable battery life makes Voitron Patient Monitor [Two Para] independent from external power source during mobility of patient OR during power outage.


Key Features

1. Compact & Portable Design.

2. Suitable for Adult, Pediatrics & Neonatal applications.

3. Separate displays for numeric values of parameters makes readings more noticeable from distance.

4. Upto 2000 storage entries for NIBP & 78000 SpO2 readings.

5. Trend Review for 24 hours to trace patient’s recovery.

6. Audio Visual alarms for High & Low NIBP [Systolic, Diastolic & Mean Arterial Pressure] , SpO2 & PR, Low battery, Probe off, etc.

7. Option to transfer Patient’s data to Computer via USB Port.


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