Medical Arch [C & E Heel Insole Orthosis Support]

Medical Arch [C & E Heel Insole Orthosis Support]


This Medical Arch [C & E Heel Insole Orthosis Support] is designed with special effects to give cushioning effect & arch support from Ankle Mid-Stance to Toe-off which is helpful to absorb shock & stress for the body, ranging from basic activities such as walking to high-impact activities such as running.


Key Features

1. The problems associated with over-pronation are prevented.

2. The unique design aligns the ankle and supports the foot from Mid-Stance to Toe-off.

3. It is helpful in Flat Foot, Knock Knee, Knee Pain, Bow Legs, Calf Muscle Pain & Plantar Fasciitis

4. Shock absorbing foot bed with a mild arch support.

5. It protects foot from shear, torsion and vertical shock.

6. Provides adjunctive therapy following spinal adjustments.

7. It reduces Foot, Leg, Hip & Low Back Pain resulting from heel strike.

8. It protects soft tissues & joints.

9. It also protects arthritic & geriatric joints.


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