EMCO [D580]

EMCO [D580]

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A complete self-contained system to carry out fetal, vascular & arterial investigations & monitoring, using the principle of Doppler ultrasound.


Key Features

1. A dedicated unit designed for vascular and arterial investigations with permanently fixed 8MHz Transducer.

2. Economical & Compact.

3. Supplied with Carry Pouch, Headset, Demo CD, AC Adapter, Recorder lead, Gel, Battery & Operating instructions.

4. Output can be presented in three different ways – 

(i) Built-in speaker

(ii) Headset/Headphones attachment

(iii) Any chart recorder (eg. ECG recorder) for waveform analysis.

5. Calibration switch for reference to help interpretation of waveforms.

6. Battery-powered audio unit, which can be hand-held, hung round the neck or clipped to a belt or pocket.

7. Auto power shut-off facility for maximum battery life.

8. Battery low indicator.

9. Can be connected to mains through A.C. Adaptor.


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