ICU Mechanical Bed

ICU Mechanical Bed


Key Features

1. Four pieces individual side-rails, ABS moulded.

2. Heavy ABS Head & Foot Panel with locking.

3. 4 section top made up of perforated CRCA M.S. sheet.

4. Framework made up of M.S. tubes.

5. Bed mounted on 5”ABS Castors, 2 with brakes.

6. Holder for Urine Bag.

7. Sitting position Adjustable.

8. Pre-treated & Epoxy Powder Coated finish.

9. Overall approx. size: 2090L x 900W x 580-750H mm.

10. Positions obtained by Smooth Crank System with foldable handle-

(i) Hi-Low

(ii) Backrest elevation

(iii) Knee rest elevation

(iv) Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg 


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