Ankle Foot Orthosis [Leaf Type Calf Padding]

Ankle Foot Orthosis [Leaf Type Calf Padding]


Ankle Foot Orthosis [Leaf Type Calf Padding] aids in swing phase toe clearance and reduce plantar flexion [The movement of the foot in a downward motion away from the body] impact in early stance and allows natural heel strike. It has thin polypropylene walled construction that has been optimized for increasing resilience & its unique comfort reduces pressure point and muscle tension.


Key Features

1. High level of wearer comfort due to anatomical shape at calf and leaf spring action type footplate.

2. It has thin & flexible footplate for easy wear with shoe and easy trimming.

3. Raises the front of the foot while the leg swings through.

4. It provides control of foot posture during walking.

5. Suitable for skin contact, doesn’t absorb perspiration.

6. Doesn’t support micro organisms growth.

7. Washable, Odour Free, Tough, Resilient and Light Weight.

8. It is made up of robust & durable Polypropylene.

9. Improved toe clearance in normal gait or walk.

10. Available in both sizes [Medium & Large].


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