Emergency & Recovery Trolley [Hydraulic] [Type-A]

Emergency & Recovery Trolley [Hydraulic] [Type-A]


Key Features

1. Indian Recovery Trolley Highly customizable for best patient care.

2. Excellent maneuverability to reduce the risks related with patient handling.

3. Easy to operate & maintain, also prevent injury to patient.

4. Easy to access & allow unlimited control of all the function.

5. X-ray cassette can be slide under the translucent X-ray s platform.

6. Recovery trolley frame allows the undercarriage & wide range of height adjustment make the handling with
C arm easier.

7. The Recovery Trolley allows treatment of patient easily & quickly.

8.The diagnostics is facilitated by possibility of X-ray examination & C-arm Systems directly on the stretcher
reducing time for diagnostics.

9. Recovery Trolley is easy Maneuver & 360° Rotation on 5th wheel [Optional]. Adjustment of height is operated
by foot controls through hydraulic pumps. Trendelenburg & reverse position by gas spring.


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