Femur Brace [Femoral Fracture]

Femur Brace [Femoral Fracture]


Femur Brace [Femoral Fracture] is used for treating fractures of Femur after removal of plaster cast when the process of fracture union is in the last phase.

Key Features

1. Used for shaft fracture of Femur.

2. It is for post-operative for Immobilization of fractures by compression of Viscoelastic Soft Tissues.

3. For fracture alignment by means of the polypropylene tongue which encourages early healing.

4. Patients are more comfortable than in the plaster cast.

5. It can be used in emergency to provide temporary partial Immobilization, in cases of fracture of Femur.

6. Two halves of the brace grip all around the fracture area like a pair of claws/clamps.

7. It doesn’t support micro organism growth.

8. Washable, Odour Free, Tough, Resilient & Light Weight.


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