Medial Arch Insole Orthosis Pain Relief Support [Flat Foot]

Medial Arch Insole Orthosis Pain Relief Support [Flat Foot]


Arch support is a corrective device worn in the shoe & so molded as to provide support for the natural arch of the foot & relives strain on the muscles of the foot while walking or standing. It is a typically curved structural member spanning an opening & serving as a support.


Key Features

1. A replacement arch insole that incorporates a cupped heel & arch support & featuring shock absorbing material under the heel to provide an extra layer of protection where you need it most.

2. Provides shock dampening and cushioning for the entire.

3. Ideal for all-day protection to relieve pain & fatigue in the feet, knees, hip & low back.

4. For superior protection from the jarring shock caused by the foot impacting hard surfaces.

5. Composed of leather with an open cell foam top layer, the cushions remain resilient and resist hardening during repeated use and retain protective qualities longer than similar products.

6. Provides constant cushioning while walking.

7. It is a smooth, non-piling, easy-to-clean Arch support.


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