Alps [Karizma 2]

Alps [Karizma 2]


Alps [Karizma 2] is a breakthrough in technology which introduces the concept of High Resolution Hearing [H.R.H]. This Hearing Aid has been built with the purpose of clear audibility even in environments such as  noisy meetings & parties.


Key Features

1. 128 Band Adaptive Noise Reduction.

2. 16 Gain Channels.

3. 4 Listening Programs.

4. Adaptive Feedback Cancellation.

5. Advanced Data Logging.

6. Automatic Adaptive Directionality.

7. Clarifier-Multichannel.

8. High Fidelity Sound.

9. In-Situ Audiometry.

10. Low Battery Consumption.

11. Low Battery Indicator [Advanced].

12. Program Change Indicators.

13. Startup Delay [Customizable].

14. Telecoil Gain [Programmable].

15. Tinnitus Management [Customizable].

16. Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth & FM [optional].


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