Knock Knee & Bow Leg Brace [Genu Valgum / Varum]

Knock Knee & Bow Leg Brace [Genu Valgum / Varum]


Key Features

1. This Brace is used to manage Knee Valgum & Knee Varum deformity.

2. Used for controlling a “knock-kneed” deformity.

3. Used to control “bow-legged” deformity such as Blount’s Disease or Tibial Vara in pediatrics.

4. The Knee can be locked in a standing position.

5. Used in Osteo-arthritis & rheumatoid deformities.

6. This brace is recommended as a conservative treatment option by AAOS.

7. Designed with 3 point pressure system without knee joints.

8. Shares pressure on knee joint replacement.

9. May reduce the risk of further damage of the knee ligament structure.

10. The brace uses leverage to decrease stress to medial, or inside aspects of the knee.

11. Allows an early improvement in alignment which helps eliminates an abnormal gait or limp.

12. Relieves compartmental stress.


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