Atlanta Ceiling Mount Air Purifier [Pure Zone-1001]

Atlanta Ceiling Mount Air Purifier [Pure Zone-1001]


Key Features

1. Affordable Office Air Purifiers.

2. Medical-grade Filters Block 99.99% of Pollution Particles.

3. Eliminates Harmful Chemicals, Smoke, Gases Found in Offices.

4. Generates Air Vitamins to Tackle Stale Air Produced by ACs.

5. Cutting-edge i-Cluster Technology with Unmatched upto 10-stage i-Cluster Filtration.

6. Versatile Air Purifier for Office, Hospital, Hotel, School, Gym, Restaurant & many more applications.

7. Can be customized for specific application use case.

8. Heavy Duty Commercial Ceiling Air Purifier.

9. Electrostatic Air Cleaner.

10. ULPA filtration Technology.

11. Multiple Commercial Application Uses.

12. Higher CADR – 550 m3 /hr.

13. Remote Controlled.

14. Auto Restart in case of power failure.


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