Dr Trust Adult Diapers

Dr Trust Adult Diapers


Key Features

1. Dr Trust Adult Diapers are the perfect choice for handling sudden urine flow due to loss of bladder control [LOBC] & the problem of urinary in continence.

2. Featuring an ultra-thin sap paper, a quick observant that converts liquid into gel & locks odor or smell inside so that it does not sweep out when it is a time to change the diaper.

3. It come with double leak guards to keep uneasy & wet feeling away especially from the edges double leak guards also reduce the chances of leakage even when your diaper full or overfilled.

4. Dr Trust Adult Diapers are ideal for those who have sensitive skin we have used a hypoallergenic fabric with added Aloevera gel to ensure soothing protection.

5. Dr Trust Adult Diapers offer full convenience to all users elastic waists make easy to pull-on & pull-off these diapers just like a pant.


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