ICU Electric Bed

ICU Electric Bed


Key Features

1. Advance linear actuator system [6 Pcs Motor, 01 Pc Control box, 01 Pc Handset, 01 Pc. Nurse Control System (ACP)].

2. Extra long four Pcs under side Occidental style side rails with inclination Degree Indicators.

3. Heavy ABS Head & Foot Panel with locking & buffer.

4. Four Section top.

5. Framework made up of M.S. tubes.

6. Bed Mounted on 6″ Central Locking ABS Castors, Durable & quiet.

7. S.S. Telescopic I.V. Rod with 4 Location.

8. Holder for Urine Bag.

9. Sitting position Adjustable.

10. Leg Section Extendable.

11. Pre-treated & Epoxy Powder Coated finish.

12. Overall approx size: 1970-2120L x 900W x 460-740H mm.

13. C4 Section Mattress (IHF-2001C).

14. LED Lamp as reading lamp or under Bed lamp.

15. Positions Obtained by Hand Remote-

(i) Hi-Low

(ii) Backrest elevation

(iii) Knee rest elevation

(iv) Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg

(v) Fowler position

16. Positions obtained/Functions on Nurse Control System (ACP)-

(i) Hi-Low with Locking function for handset

(ii) Backrest elevation with locking function for handset

(iii) Knee rest elevation with locking function for handset

(iv) Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg with locking function for handset

(v) One button Electric CPR Position and manual CPR Function for any Emergency case


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