Ankle Foot Orthosis [Static]

Ankle Foot Orthosis [Static]


The Ankle Foot Orthosis [Static] is used to support the weakened or paralyzed body parts in particular position like Drop Foot from a stroke. The Ankle Foot Orthosis [Static] designed to help control adduction and abduction of the forefoot. Ankle Foot Orthosis [Static], are devices that hold joints in constant position and are made of rigid materials.

Key Features

1. Provides support to ankle foot complex in coronal plane & positions patient’s foot in dorsi flexion during swing while allowing tibial progression during stance.

2. For support & stabilization of the talocalcaneal, mid-tarsal and subtalar joints.

3. Manages abnormal motion or severe pronation in the transverse and frontal planes.

4. Stabilizes the ankle area medially, laterally & reduces either forefoot abduction or adduction.

5. It is useful in Varus, Valgus & Genu Recurvatum correction.

6. Doesn’t support micro organism growth 

7. Promotes normal bio-mechanics.


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