Elbow Extension Splint [Universal]

Elbow Extension Splint [Universal]


An Elbow Brace is designed to be used in the injury. When an elbow joint is forced backwards beyond its normal range of motion, resulting in damage to the soft tissues in the joint. Three point pressure pads articulate with each other to form the elbow extension and support joints, keeping them in position and, in some cases, limiting excessive movement.


Key Features

1. The brace is designed to be used in the injury caused when an elbow joint is forced backward beyond its normal range of motion.

2. Doesn’t allow the elbow to move.

3. Applies dynamic low-loaded force to increase elbow extension or flexion.

4. It is used to maintain the elbow joint in extension position post-injury.

5. It is used to increase elbow extension with a three-point pressure system.

6. This is typically used for short periods of time after surgery to immobilize the elbow.


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