Patellar Tendon Bearing Brace [Footplate]

Patellar Tendon Bearing Brace [Footplate]


Patellar Tendon Bearing Brace [Footplate] is used for lower one-third tibia, fibula & fibular fractures for limiting ankle movement. 


Key Features

1. Patellar Tendon Bearing Brace [Footplate] Provides intimate contact needed for effective support.

2. It helps to increase blood flow & ontogenesis.

3. Permits joint mobility & early return to normal activities.

4. Bye passes weight on the tibia & transfers body weight from knee joint to ankle.

5. Lightweight, durable polypropylene can be trimmed with cast scissors & modified with a heat gun.

6. Suitable for skin contact & doesn’t absorb perspiration.

7. It doesn’t support micro-organism’s growth.

8. Washable, Odour Free, Tough, Resilient & Light Weight.


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