CO Check Plus

CO Check Plus


Key Features

1. It has Custom LCD display.

2. Sensor life is up to 2-5 years.

3. Electrochemical fuel cell Detection Sensor.

4. 0-99 PPM concentration range.

5. 5º-35º Celsius operating temperature.

6. Single 9V PP3 battery power supply.

7. Less than 2% per month sensor drift. 

8. 0.1 PPM (0-10 PPM range), 1 PPM (10-99PPM range) Sensitivity.

9. -20º to 70º Celsius storage temperature.

10. Sea level to 6000 ft. operating altitude.

11. Result displays-

(i) CO PPM (Carbon monoxide parts per million)

(ii) %COHb (% carboxyhemoglobin)

(iii) %FCOHb  (% foetal carboxyhemoglobin)


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