Tynor H-13 Coccyx Cushion Seat

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Anatomical design with a recess and a hole

    • Reduce the pressure on tailbone.
    • Reduces pain in post anal surgery.
    •  Management of anal fissures and abscess.
    •  Promote a healthier, straight posture.
    •  Provides relief in Sciatica pain.
    •  General purpose everyday use.

High density foam with unique properties

  • Very high cushioning coefficient.
  • Raw egg doesn't break when you sit on it.
  • Excellent shock absorption & energy return.
  • Long functional life.

Fabric Cover

  • Flexible, conforms to the body contours.
  •  Non-slip rubberized bottom.
  •  Soft feel.
  • Washable.
  •  Good aesthetics.
  •  Excellent workmanship.

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