Tynor Ankle Support (Neoprene) J-12

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Tynor Ankle Support (Neoprene) has a sleek anatomic design that gives adequate support, controlled immobilization, and compression to the ankle. It can help in preventing injuries and can also be used to provide support weak and injured ankle. It can also aid in controlling swelling, sprains, etc. it is enormously comfortable and easy to wear. It is durable and provides with faster healing because of heat retention. It is available in 7.2-12.0 inch size.


Features of Tynor Ankle Support (Neoprene):

  • Sleek anatomic design.
  • Controlled splinting and immobilization.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Easy to wear.


Application of Tynor Ankle Support (Neoprene):

  • *Improves endurance.
  • *Chronic ankle instability.
  • *Prophylaxis for sportingactivity.
  • * Prevention of repetitive nankle injuries.
  • *Post operative and post cast care.


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