Portable Oxygen Cylinder - 248 ltr

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This Portable Oxygen Cylinder is 45 % lighter than traditional steel cylinders which are refillable and reusable, it is a perfect portable oxygen cylinder for home use and for high altitude. 

Working Duration:  79 min*

O2 Capacity: 248 Ltr.

Filled Weight of kit: 2 kg

* Duration specified is @2 liter per minute


Product Description

  • A complete oxygen medical kit that includes Portable Oxygen Cylinder that is 45 % lighter than traditional steel cylinders.
  • Refillable and reusable.
  • With its cylinder made from aluminum alloy, OxyGo is completely rust free, unlike steel.
  • The simple finger operated valve and regulator that can be used by the patient.
  • Oxygen quality within the cylinder maintained due to its internal aluminum finish and special internal cleaning process.

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