Philips Millennium M10 Home Oxygen System

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The Millennium M10 is designed to be the highest performing and most reliable 10-litre oxygen machine available. It's engineered to reduce the cost of providing oxygen for patients who need high levels of oxygen.


-Protective tubing protects against electric shock

The electronic wires and tubing are neatly guarded by protective tubing.

-SMCT "sure cycle" valve is maintenance free

-Twin Head Compressor for more air flow

The higher stroke sends more airflow through the sieve beds.

-Oxygen purity indicator option for increased security

The M10 is available with or without oxygen purity indicator. This OPI (Oxygen Percentage Indicator) ultrasonically measures oxygen output as a purity indication.

-Highly durable casters withstand rigorous usage

-Integrated Sieve Canister enhances bed life

The integrated canister reduces the number of vulnerable tubing connections.

-High oxygen output meets patients' needs

The Millennium M10 delivers up to 10 litres of oxygen per minute.

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