Manual Tourniquet on Height Adjustable Stand with Cuff Basket : TRDG 602 DIAMOND

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pressure gauge calibrated in mmhg scale (0 to 500 mmhg)

inflation by easy foot pump or by rubber bulb.

nrv protection at inflation port.

separate cuff pressure controls.

special touniquet cuffs.

additional foot pump assembly is provided to this model.

you can get effortless inflation for any size of cuff.

foot pump is very sturdy, stable and durable.

roomy cuff storage basket which is elegant and light weight.

main unit is mounted on a height adjustable stand.

stand has sturdy, graded cast iron base, made in balance design.

smooth, easy revolving sleek castor wheels for easy transport.

fully plated pipe (internally and externally), hence rustproof design of stand with high aesthetics glossy paint of best quality.

high polished chromium plating on solid pillar for long life.

lifter lubricated spring is provided for effortless, easy height adjustment.

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