Inflatable Air Cushion with Pump

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An inflatable air cushion is a bag of fabric or plastic that can be inflated to provide cushioning


  • chambered design.Available with air pump.
  • Relax muscles and improves blood circulation. 
  • Excellent for hemorrhoids/ coccyx fracture.
  • Post Surgery patient.People who sit for extended period of time.
  • One size fits all .
  • Provides comfortable, stress free sitting with a gentle layer of air that helps to eliminate pressure points.
  • Waffle Cushion comfortably relieves pressure from stressed out muscle due to injury or seating pressure.
  • Cheapest and most underused ways there is to make your sitting experience more enjoyable. 
  • Can be used on any standard seat, car seat or wheelchair.
  • Made from durable and high quality material
  • Inflatable lightweight PVC material, easily to fold and packs into luggage,
  • Self-sealing valve and pump helps to inflate the cushion much faster and holds the air longer. 

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