Corona Virus: Artificial virus can be effective on Covid-19, scientists got success in lab

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Corona Virus: Artificial virus can be effective on Covid-19, scientists got success in lab

New Delhi: Scientists from all over the world are working day and night to find a cure for (Corona virus). The cure for any disease related to corona virus still not been found.

Whether it is SARS, MERS or SARS CoV-2, Covid-19 (Covid-19). Researchers have now suggested that one of their techniques for making vaccines against MARS might work against SARS Cove-2.


Emphasis on finding weakness of virus

Many labs from all over the world are focusing on understanding this virus, so that any weakness can be detected and its treatment can be found.

According to a research in the Journal of the American Society of Microbiology, a team of researchers have discussed about a vaccine for the mars virus.

Technology recommendation for mers vaccine

(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) spread in the year 2012 due to which more than 850 people died.

The study found that 30 percent of the infected people died from it. In the paper, researchers say that this method, which was adopted for the Mers virus vaccine, may also work against SARS Cove-2. This vaccine uses an RNA virus called parainfluenza virus 5.

This RNA virus is believed to be responsible for causing kennel cough conditions in dogs, but does not harm humans. Researchers added an additional gene (Gene) to the virus, causing the mars-related 'S' protein.

This virus was seen working

Iowa University MD Paul Mc Carry says that we know that PIV5 does not spread to humans and does not affect them much. After using this vaccine on mice, it was found that marshes stopped in them.

Preparations to check on SARS Cove-2

Research found that mice who were given the S protein vaccine did not die from Mers infection.

Researchers now want to extend this study further and try it on SARS Cove-2 as well.

Finding an effective vaccine on the Covid-19 is like a fast race over time. The infection is spreading rapidly, governments of all the countries of the world are battling to prevent the situation from becoming uncontrollable.

It may be a  long fight with Covid- 19

Mc Carry says, "Not all people will be infected at first. This means that more people can become infected upon its return.

We do not know whether people have developed long resistance capacity against SARS Cove-2. That is why we have to think about saving people in time."