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oxygen concentrator, What is Oxygen Concentrator -

What medical equipment do you need in difficulty breathing? You might have heard about an oxygen concentrator. Certain queries raise in your mind like exactly what it is? How does it work? There are Oxygen machines which provide sort of relief to the patients having lower blood oxygen levels. Those machines are too bulky, which really made it difficult for the patients in need of oxygen therapy to get the services in hospitals. Thanks to the medicine’s great advancement, modern advanced oxygen generators are much compact, smaller, lightweight, quiet, portable, and provide high performance. In this blog, we will discuss...

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oxygen concentrator, pulse oximeter -

Our generation has access to the greatest Hospitals and Doctors but lacking somewhere in adapting medical technologies and equipment. This is the right time to make it available, accessible, and handy to every citizen. And that is the area where we are working day and night to get you access over the medical equipment to be used from an initial checkup at home for first aid up to the emergency case in operation theaters to save a life in harsh conditions of a patient. In this blog, we are particularly going to mention one of the finest and much needed...

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Coronavirus, Coronavirus vaccine, Covid-19, Sars -

New Delhi: Scientists from all over the world are working day and night to find a cure for (Corona virus). The cure for any disease related to corona virus still not been found. Whether it is SARS, MERS or SARS CoV-2, Covid-19 (Covid-19). Researchers have now suggested that one of their techniques for making vaccines against MARS might work against SARS Cove-2.   Emphasis on finding weakness of virus Many labs from all over the world are focusing on understanding this virus, so that any weakness can be detected and its treatment can be found. According to a research in the...

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